Fishing Holidays on the Isle of Wight – Coastal Fishing Accommodation

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Fishing Holidays on the Isle of Wight – Coastal Fishing Accommodation

The Isle of Wight is a popular holiday destination, but it might not be the first place that springs to mind if you are looking for a fishing holiday. However, this is somewhere that should be seriously considered as there are plenty of excellent places to stay and areas to find excellent fishing. The Fishing Holidays on the Isle of Wight give you two fantastic options when it comes to self catering accommodation, one is the log cabins and the other is the cottages.

Stay in Great Accommodation Perfect for FishingStarting with the log cabins you will find there are three locations you can stay in and over 28 accommodation options and fishing is either on site or you have it within 3 miles of the holiday base. Coastal and sea fishing is the most popular option here and some of the parks have direct access to the beaches where you can enjoy fantastic fishing each day of your holiday. Island View and Riviera Park are both locations where you can not only enjoy direct access to the beach, but you also have a range of additional facilities that will really enhance your holiday.  There are more locations to enjoy the Fishing Holidays on the Isle of Wight in as well, so check them out too.

Direct Access to the Isle of Wight BeachesThe facilities that complement the fishing holidays in a perfect way include the private hot tubs, and swimming pools. After you have been fishing throughout the day there will be nothing better than coming back and enjoying a glass or two of something cold and chatting with your fishing mates or family while relaxing in the soothing hot tub. Each day before you head out for your fishing you could make the most of the indoor swimming pool to get you in the right frame of mind for your fishing.

Seaside Holiday Accommodation Perfect for FishingThe Fishing Holidays on the Isle of Wight can also be enjoyed in a range of cottage accommodation and there are plenty of accommodation options that have the coast within easy reach or lakes and rivers to fish in. The Isle of Wight generally has better weather than much of the UK and as such you are more likely to find that you have great days where you can enjoy the sunshine and relax doing what you love most…fishing!

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